Sustainability in action through design

Exterior of two-story glass health care clinic surrounded by garden space
© Casey Dunn Photography

At Page, we look for ways to advance sustainable design processes beyond “do no harm”

Our Building Sciences practice group strives to improve the environments and communities within which we build. Mimicking nature, planning for an unpredictable future and designing with a holistic idea of place has never been more important.

We believe every design solution should make lives better. Our focus has shifted beyond “doing more with less” toward restoring and improving the sites, neighborhoods and cities within which we build. This intention requires rigor and it is our strategy for implementing this vision that sets us apart.

We also believe in a future where buildings create more energy than they use, make people healthier, and are positive contributors in their communities and environments. As a 122-year-old firm and one of the first large firms to sign the AIA 2030 Commitment, we are invested in leading our industry through this energy and technological transition towards a regenerative tomorrow.

Data and transparency are key mechanisms in our design process and firm management. We track the metrics that matter to benchmark and improve our outcomes. We not only aspire for design that makes lives better, but also apply to the discipline required to measure our impact.

To read our 2020 Sustainability Report, click here.