Karen Marnach, RA

Associate Principal / Senior Project Architect 713.871.8484

Karen has been a licensed architect for the last thirty years.  Her experience encompasses both large and small firms, as well as large and small projects.  This experience has given her insight into what makes great projects, great architects, and great companies, and what traits are common to all.

Page has embarked on a quest to turn good into exceptional, and Karen's experience has focused on expanding these  experiences.   She sees this as an opportunity to bring out the strengths of others and help them find their success in the firm.  As we are a team, the better you look, the better we look.  Page has always asked a lot of their team.  We want our staff engaged, enthusiastic and inspired.  Karen has always internalized these goals, to push a little further, to try new things and to jump towards the challenges.  She will support you, she will teach you, she will let you fly.  All you have to do is try and you have her support.

One of the things that Karen has learned throughout her experience is that great buildings come from great people, and great people come from great relationships.  Karen is always willing to commit her time, knowledge and experience to help her colleagues grow and learn. She is always aware that strong teammates make for a stronger team, and helping your teammates become stronger is good for all.  This is the essence of Page, to make us all better, in whatever fashion works for the individual. There are a million ways to reach for success, sometimes you just need to find the right path, the new inspiration or the willingness to step out and stand in front.  Karen will always stand behind you, cheering and focusing your attention on the goal. By this we all can reach excellence.