Lou Krupnick, AIA, LEED AP, EDGE Expert

Associate Principal / Senior Project Architect

Recently, when asked what type of ‘style’ I designed in,  for a moment I was at a loss for words because all my buildings look different. What drives me is wanting to explore how to best leverage functional requirements of program, cost and design within a particular context;  whether it be an interior space of an existing building or amongst a community of other buildings. How do we build a better mousetrap; one that is more sustainable, more enjoyable to work in, how does it fit into the broader palette of its surroundings and environment? To me, sustainability is more than the latest high-tech window system or mechanical equipment; it begins with maximizing the materials we’re already working with, are we using them efficiently with little waste, is the building easily constructed, will it last? It’s an ongoing internal conversation that doesn’t end;  I still return to buildings I designed 20 years ago to see what lessons they have to tell.