Michelle Northington, AIA, LEED AP

Page Southerland Page employed Michelle Northington in 2008.  She is a licensed Architect. Her architectural experience leads Page firm-wide in the implementation of BIM (building information modeling) for the architectural and interior departments. As the BIM Administrator, Michelle oversees all the Page office Revit teams for compliance with Page standards. She is responsible for Revit training as well as the organizing and development of Revit “families” and templates.  Michelle is an influential leader on the BIM Subcommittee at Page
At Page, Michelle ensures that the design team will model “design models” with the appropriate LOD (level of development) needed for each project.  Michelle has created a BIM Execution Plan for the company to ensure successful BIM projects.  In collaboration with the Page MEP and Structural BIM specialists, she has been instrumental in developing the LOD matrix template as an attachment to the Page BIM Execution Plan. 
Michelle has participated in leadership training which has strengthened her capabilities as she trains all of the Page BIM Coordinators to also be leaders and play the role as the main point contact between the owner’s BIM representative and all disciplines of the design team for BIM related issues.  She trains BIM Coordinators to be responsible for ensuring development and compliance with the approved BIM Execution Plan, Page BIM Standards, and Owner BIM Standards on every Page Project.  She guides the team in correct and efficient model set up as well as model collaboration strategies and logistics which are to be documented in the BIM Execution Plan and discussed in the BIM kick-off meeting as well as in recurring BIM coordination meetings. 
Michelle believes strongly in empowering teams to be efficient encouraging teams to “model smarter not harder”.  She puts a significant focus on communication and collaboration between all disciplines.  Her research and implementation of various BIM software, tools, and work flows keeps our teams leading in technology giving the firm a competitive edge.  Her focus on user training in modeling best practices, quality content creation, and tool deployment helps produce the exceptional models you see come out of the Page office.