Ashley I. August

Associate Principal / Graduate Mechanical Engineer 713.871.8484

Ashley has participated in various management and leadership training seminars and found among successful leaders, three pillars are exhibited: Good Communication, Active Listening and Consistency. She finds that these oftentimes considered simple actions, form the foundation of sustained success. When a leader can be counted on to listen and take time to understand issues, they are better able to formulate and communicate effective solutions. This process begins to form a solid foundation for decision-making and trust building. The most important asset a leader can posses is the trust of their team and those they would hope to serve. By remaining consistent in their messaging, leaders of this caliber can deliver repeated success and increased productivity with the support of teams that both trust and respect them and know they are to receive the same in return. It is this constant flow between leaders and their teams that create a healthy and energized workplace that produces high quality products.  Ashley participates in firmwide Page committees, including the Communications Action Learning Team and Engineering Project Management Committee where she advocates for this type of leadership.
Ashley has amassed a decade of knowledge in the engineering field, specifically focused on District Thermal Utilities, Higher Education, and Healthcare. She promotes sound engineering practices and knowledge base. During her years in engineering, she has been an active member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning and is a LEED Green Associate. She participates in career fairs throughout the year seeking excellence in engineering. She has been invited to both university campuses and middle grade institutions to share her engineering expertise and experiences. She takes every opportunity to promote STEM in the younger generation in hopes of inspiring and educating future engineering leaders.