Carla Fraser, MPA

Principal / Branding & Graphics Director 512.472.6721

Areas of Expertise

As Director of the Branding & Graphics team, Carla brings her passion for storytelling and visual communication to all projects for all clients. She works in Hospitality, Higher Education, Cultural and Civic, and Corporate/Commercial market sectors. Carla initiates each project by looking for the motivations that drive her clients - tapping into the desire to better one's community.
A recently completed project for a nonprofit foundation hits the sweet spot. Under her direction, the team developed a brand that reflects the mission and values of an organization that builds leadership capacity in public schools through a five-year partnership with participating districts. The project was a full-service engagement that included brand strategy, visual identity, messaging, storytelling, placemaking, specialty graphics, and campus wayfinding. When visiting the completed conference and retreat center, she said "It is so rewarding to see how our work has enhanced the experience for participants who committed to the challenge to grow into their fullest potential as leaders". To date, their reach has extended to just over one million school children.
Creative storytelling and brand integration inspired and influenced hundreds of details for a recent hospitality project - one whose name and persona captivated the design team. Carla's team created the brand framework for a delightful boutique hotel that has become a hit for locals and out-of-towners alike. A brand vision brought to life has been meticulously integrated into architecture, interiors, messaging, graphics, ephemera, and social media.

At Page, we show our commitment to community by providing volunteer resources in a variety of ways. Carla has been involved with the larger design community to promote the cause of a nonprofit organization dedicated to resolving difficult, systemic issues at a grass-roots level. The public event and ensuing artwork sales showcased great design and further efforts to improve social structures.