Catherine J. Britt, CPA

Portrait of female business leader dressed in black suit

Senior Principal / Board Member / Chief Financial Officer 713.871.8484

With more than 30 years of experience in the architecture and engineering industry, Cathy Britt leads Page with an eye for growth and transformation. A trailblazer for women in leadership from the start, Cathy was the sole woman owner when she joined Page in 2007 and became the first woman Senior Principal / Board Member in 2019.

Cathy has consistently demonstrated thoughtful fiscal leadership; she immediately implemented a centralized accounting system and single project number structure and pushed for Page to join the AIA Large Firm Round Table. In 2013, she led the firm through its evolution from a limited liability partnership to a corporation. More recently, she led the committee that implemented the firm’s employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) and remains a program trustee.

"Finance is part of the business; it is fundamental to our growth,” she says. “But the best financial practices are not just about the bottom line.” She has steered the fiscal ship as revenue has grown from $77M to a projected $180M during her tenure, and the firm has evolved into a complex international company with numerous legal entities, over 20 state registrations and filings, joint ventures and complicated tax issues.

Regarding her role as a Senior Principal on the Page board, Cathy notes she is proud that today the firm has 70 owners and that during her time here she has seen a net gain of 46 owners, of which 37% are women.