Emily McLean

Senior Marketing Coordinator 713 871 8484

Emily is a firmwide Senior Marketing Coordinator, responsible for driving brand performance and growing brand equity through strategic pursuit initiatives. Emily focuses her efforts on building collaborative relationships and valuable knowledge sharing with internal and external clients. She is a storyteller at heart, curating engaging narratives about the expertise, diversity and culture of the firm.

As a Page brand ambassador, Emily is an integral part of building our reputation, coordinating relationships, driving value and innovation, as well as bringing different perspectives across the firm together into unique and precise materials. Additionally, Emily brings a cohesive approach to our pursuit presentations and interviews. Her creative influence enables the firm to capitalize our perspectives and knowledge into projects that have a true impact on our communities, environment and people.

Prior to joining Page, Emily worked in various marketing roles within the oil & gas industry. She has a history of leading marketing, communication and cultural initiatives that accelerate growth while finding creative solutions to drive engagement and brand loyalty. She graduated from Texas A&M University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing in 2008.