John Garrett Neubauer, PE

At Page, our vision is to provide our client base with "Design that Makes Lives Better."  This vision, in conjunction with our core values of Creativity, Collaboration and Commitment, enables Page to provide an exceptional product for the betterment for both the client and the community which it serves.  Garrett believes wholeheartedly in this vision and these core values and has helped organize (in conjunction with other Engineering Leadership) and position the Engineering Design Group to embrace a synergistic approach to engineering services where true design is not limited to architectural components, but is expanded to inlclude all practice areas and services which results in the "best value" for our client base.

In order to provide exceptional design services, Garrett realized to have true success as a leader within the Engineering Practice Area, it was important not only to have techinical confidence and understading within the engineering services offered, but to also maintain and foster "soft skills" within his team in order to maximize integrity, accountability and temperance.  Garrett has participated in several executive leadership training workshops to further develop "soft skills" not only to maximize excellence in design, but also excellence in the work experience and to maintain all available options for the career path of each team member.

Garrett is known for embracing the philosophy of "Integrated Design" within all engineering pursuits and collaborations.  The Integrated design philosophy is a concept that simply recognizes that the sum of the collective expertise's available for a project can yield a greater value that of any singular entity.  In other words, when a project is able to leverage the collective expertise of ALL team members early in a project, the design of the project can evolve to become something more that was capable by collaboration alone.  This philosophy is the cornerstone of the Engineering Practice Area.

Integrated Design not only offers efficiencies and collaborations between traditional practice areas (architecture, design, engineering, programming, etc.), but within more recent practice areas such as Building Sciences and Commissioning.  Garrett realized the benefits of integrated design years ago, once the ability to evaluate sustainable opportunities for building design was made more viable within the market due to availability of more advanced energy modeling software's and platforms.  The ability to integrate design aspects of the building (i.e. glazing, orientation, massing, etc.) in conjunction with building systems (and building materials) to yield a design that not only maximizes energy performance, but also minimizes the carbon footprint of a building has greatly increased the opportunity for providing "best value" to our clients.

Garrett has over 2 years of engineering experience, including technical expertise of MEP systems, project management and quality control responsibilities of large, multi-disciplined projects.  As a Principal with Page, serving as a Director of Engineering, Garrett has been instrumental in promoting and leveraging the success of Page’s Integrated Design Philosophy, as well as providing valuable contributions to the Page QPM (Quality Project Manual), and Page Standards Committee.
In addition, Garrett has served on numerous industry councils and organizations (i.e ASHRAE, ASME, etc.) and is currently “President Elect” for the Houston ASHRAE Chapter, a member of the Houston CIC (Construction industry Council) and ASHRAE National Technical Committees for both Laboratories and Energy Performance.