Jonathan Young, EIT, LEED AP, WELL AP

Building Sciences Graduate Engineer 713 871 8484

Jon is a mechanical engineer and building science professional with a passion for delivering healthy and high-performance buildings in a way that minimizes the life-cycle costs and environmental impacts of the project.

Early in Jon’s career, he worked on a regenerative off-grid housing development with Earthship Biotecture in Taos, NM, which is where he first discovered his passion for building science. Experiencing the construction of these sustainable homes first-hand while also learning from the founding architect, Michael Reynolds, he gained a greater understanding and appreciation for the design and operational strategies that buildings can use to meet all of the needs of the occupants in a truly sustainable and resource-efficient way. As a result, Jon draws on these concepts often when assisting with sustainable design on a project.

Jon utilizes a variety of modeling tools in his data-driven and predictive modeling approach to optimizing buildings for resource efficiency, occupant wellness, carbon impact, and resilience. In addition to his LEED AP and WELL AP credentials, his experience with energy modeling, passive design studies, life-cycle cost analyses, and sustainability certification programs allow him to successfully collaborate with design teams to ensure that a project will meet or exceed the clients’ goals for sustainability and building performance.