Lisa Ulibarri, LEED Green Associate

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Lisa was part of the Communication Action Learning Team that pioneered the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion initiative at Page. They worked with colleagues across different office locations to create action plans, diversity statements, and cultural benchmarks to ensure that Page grows and evolves to include all members equitably and equally. They are also co-chair of the AIA Dallas LGBTQIA+ Alliance that seeks to highlight queer members of the AED industry. Additionally, Lisa highlights members of marginalized communities through their research papers and advocacy for gender neutral language and design. 

In their research, Lisa chooses to highlight populations that are under-represented in healthcare design or have very specialized care that may not be intuitive to most. Recent and future papers include design considerations for residential treatment facilities for sexually exploited and trafficked adolescents and a prototype transgender health clinic. They are pursuing EDAC certification to further apply and promote the importance of Evidence-Based Design in healthcare environments.