Lon Calvert

Senior Associate / Technical Designer 512.472.6721

Lon brings a unique knowledge base to the experiential design studio. His work in the fields of exhibit design, interior design, and environmental graphic design have allowed him to gain diverse knowledge of materials and processes. He is able to use this knowledge to visualize creative fabrication solutions that balance design integrity with the practicality needed to meet budgets.
This knowledge has impacted work on multiple recent projects from campus master plans to multifamily residential complexes. With Lon’s participation, these projects arrived at unique and expressive design solutions while also staying aligned to the owner goals and end user needs.
Lon’s expertise in accessibility grew out of watching a family member wrestle with barriers to mobility. As a Registered Accessibility Specialist, he uses his knowledge to become an advocate of accessible design. Today he uses his knowledge of accessibility issues to create user centered designs and to develop environmental graphics programs that are intuitive and take the worry out of navigating complex environments.