Luis Alberto López Chavero

Associate / Project Architect 52 55 9035 7555

Areas of Expertise

As one of the architects who opened the Mexico City office, Luis Alberto (Beto) has been involved in the process of building a team from the ground up. Under the guidance of his mentors at Page, who made it clear that employees are Page's most valuable asset, Luis has worked to encourage the teams in the office to fully develop their skills. While Luis was already a technically capable architect, he has developed supporting skills in team development and management, business development and most importantly of all, cultural implementation.

Due to Beto's interest in highly complex projects, he is currently supporting growth of the Mexico City office through leadership of the Corporate / Commercial and Science / Technology market sectors. Throughout his career, Beto has been interested in ensuring his design teams also understand the construction aspect of their projects. His construction administration experience makes him aware of documentation needs to ensure projects are built in accordance to the design that clients approve and expect.

Over the course of his career, Beto has been involved in the design of stadiums, corporate interiors and hospitality projects, widening his vision. He has served as lead designer of independent projects where he had the opportunity to be involved in the smallest component of the projects, which he finds satisfying since he knows that everything relies on details.

Beto has always seen and understood the social responsibility architects have to their communities to create designs that make lives better. While architects can make people feel the melody of a building composition, they also need to be responsible to their communities by ensuring their designs endure through time.