Nico Galuban

Graphic Designer

Nico is a designer in the Branding & Graphics studio and designs brand experiences for clients across many sectors including civic, non-profit, and housing and hospitality. Before entering the design profession he was in the field of contemporary art and music. Growing up in a musical family he was trained as a musician, and received an undergraduate degree in clarinet performance at The University of Texas at Austin.

Nico’s musical career opened opportunities to perform in several countries including China, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Macau, Taiwan, U.K., across North America, Austin’s SXSW Festival, and, can be heard on recordings under the Sony, Reference, and CBC Music labels. His experience of different cultures through music, mixed with being a second-generation Brazilian immigrant who lived in Canada for more than a decade, gives him a unique cultural perspective of wanting to generate more collaborative solutions between sound, music, branding, and physical spaces.

Working within the architectural context day-to-day reminds Nico that music and architectural design have more similarities than differences: both are calculated forms of expression that are further enhanced when communities can enjoy them together. Architecture and physical spaces play a very important role in seeing that become a reality, and Nico believes there is a social and environmental responsibility that design be used to break and bridge gaps that exist between communities and physical spaces.

Nico sees it as a personal mission to advocate for more representation of people of color and minorities in the design discipline. His hope is to see a more diverse set of thinking across cultural backgrounds to help provide better outcomes for historically underrepresented groups and clients.