Rosa Carolina Martell, WELL AP, LEED Green Associate, Associate AIA

Building Sciences Designer 713 871 8484

Rosa joined Page in 2020 and is currently a part of the Building Sciences team where she works on projects across multiple countries led by different market sectors. She is also involved in digital fabrication, where she brings in a visual approach to design. She has a background in energy and sustainability as it relates to climate change, and since then she has been making it a priority to integrate environmental responsibility to her work and daily life. Her work within Building Sciences focuses on implementing building performance analysis by utilizing different parametric tools and software, to aid in solving problems and developing design solutions for more resilient buildings.

Rosa brings in a research-based approach as it relates to parametric design and its connections with daily architectural applications. She looks for areas of opportunity during the design process in which computational architecture can be implemented to create more efficient processes that produce high-performance buildings. She is passionate about creating methods that integrate architecture, sustainability and digital fabrication.

She is also an active member of AIA, USGBC and NOMA, where she attends conferences, symposiums, and volunteers for development efforts in these organizations. She has been a professional peer for NOMA’s career fairs, as well as their camp counselor for Project Pipeline, which empowers young people to grow in a world of design as it affects our constantly changing environments.