Verrick D. Walker, PhD, LEED AP, CDT

Having worked as a research scientist at the Environmental Psychophysiology Laboratory at Texas A&M University, Verrick believes in the importance of knowledge-based design. This interest led to a specialization at Page in research, development, and technology projects, where understanding scientific methodology and experimental processes are fundamental to defining successfully facility project goals, solution sets, and ultimately, designs. He has collaborated with academic partners at University of Michigan, University of Maryland, Texas Tech University, and Florida State University to explore how visual characteristics of built and natural environments influence human perception, performance, and behavior, including worker productivity, health outcomes, and housing market preferences.
Verrick also believes that, like faith, knowledge without deeds is empty. He cares deeply about effecting positive change in the communities in which Page works. Mentoring students at his church; participating in Career Day programs at his wife's school; serving as guest lecturer and juror at Texas A&M University; volunteering with Habitat for Humanity; and serving on the board of the Center for Race and Justice, among other things, are as important to him as delivering the millions of square feet of complex projects for Fortune 100 companies completed during his tenure at Page.