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Page recognizes the level of investment and importance of facilities that function as designed from the day they open. Our Commissioning service provides this assurance to owners and operators as well as minimizing costly construction rework. This is accomplished through a collaborative process that includes the building owner, design professionals and the general contractor under the guiding hand of the Commissioning Authority.

Our Commissioning staff has developed a solid track record for Page as a Certified Commissioning Firm (CCF). The exacting standards of our teams of professional engineers, architects and field technicians in service of our clients support delivery of construction quality.

Our teams provide building commissioning services for many private and public clients ranging from The University of Texas System to the NASA Johnson Space Center and beyond. Our portfolio includes commissioning of one of the world’s largest corporate campus. Page provided a neutral third-party resource to perform building system commissioning services for the 14 buildings on the campus, encompassing all HVAC, electrical, plumbing, life safety and building envelope systems.

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Commissioning Leadership

Jonathan Vaughan

Commissioning Director

Thomas Cocker

TAB Director

Kent Kleypas

Senior Project Manager

Brian Walters

Senior Project Manager

Brice Wilborn

Senior Commissioning Specialist

Kristopher Pylate

Commissioning Specialist

David Matuschak

Commissioning Specialist


Featured Clients

  • 2400 Nueces Student Housing / Austin, Texas
  • Baylor College of Medicine Nabisco Laboratory / Houston, Texas
  • Ben Taub Hospital CUP Retrofit Commissioning / Houston, Texas
  • CenterPoint Energy / Houston, Texas
  • Discovery Green / Houston, Texas
  • ExxonMobil Campus / Spring, Texas
  • Frost Bank Data Center / San Antonio, Texas
  • Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences / Houston, Texas
  • Houston Police Department Property Room / Houston, Texas
  • NASA B20 Loft / Clear Lake, Texas
  • The University of Texas at Austin Belo Center for New Media / Austin, Texas
  • University of Houston Business Building / Houston, Texas
  • University of Texas M. D. Anderson T. Boone Pickens Academic Tower / Houston, Texas
  • U.S. General Services Administration Regional Field Office / Houston, Texas

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