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Focus Area Experiential Graphics

Experiential graphic design is a powerful extension of architecture and environment.

Our work is the intersection of visual communications and the built environment. We apply sound problem-solving skills and thoughtful ideas with timeless design principles and contemporary methods to create hard-working and elegant solutions for our clients.

Our award-winning brand identities, wayfinding systems, architectural graphics, signage and branded spaces have been implemented across a wide range of client industries from corporations to museums to non-profits to architecture firms.

Our creative team comes from the worlds of architecture, graphic design, industrial design, organization development and communications. We work on projects at every stage from architectural visioning and design vocabulary development all the way through grand openings. In a busy and complex world, experiential graphics help to organize a journey, all while enhancing the visual environment and overall experience.

In a collaborative process with our clients, we go through a discovery process to identify and define the qualities that make their brand vital and essential to its audiences and users—attributes that will become the springboard for the visual identity and brand story.


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  • Branding / Graphics
  • Civic / Government
  • Corporate / Commercial
  • Healthcare

New identities for sister public radio stations with unique and familiar personalities

Our Branding / Graphics service was engaged to develop new brand identities for Austin Public radio stations KUT and KUTX. The two stations share a home in the studio headquarters, but each have their unique content, voice and personality. KUT is Austin’s NPR Station, while KUTX is a full-time music station. The design charge was to develop new identities for each of the stations that accurately portray the missions, attributes and voices.

Rock band on a soundstage
Dyal Branding & Graphics, A Page Company
A large sign in the Austin airport promotes KUT talk radio.
Dyal Branding & Graphics, A Page Company

True to type

In our discovery and concept phase, the design team took note of the universal use of Cooper Black, a serif typeface that has an influence and place in so many cultural touchpoints, spanning every decade since the 1920s. Because of its pedigree and relevance, it has a familiarity and charm. Today, the KUTX logo is instantly recognizable and associated with the station’s person, and by using Cooper Black it subtly honors the countless artists and groups that have played such a role on the station throughout its history.

Dyal Branding & Graphics, A Page Company

Made here. Played here.

KUTX catalogs and curates the music that matters to its listeners and is a platform for content and experiences. The KUTX voice and attitude takes on a unique and special tone that those who tune in regularly instantly recognize. We wanted to craft an identity that reflected the voice that so many in Austin revere and know so well. KUTX rightly prides itself on being a platform for music that is ‘made here’, ‘played here’, and has stood the test of time.

A billboard promoting KUTX with the station's distinctive typography.
Dyal Branding & Graphics, A Page Company

Depth and Perspective

The KUT identity was inspired by the qualities that make KUT vital and essential to the local and larger community. During the discovery and concept phase two key attributes of KUT stood out to our team and the client: Depth and Perspective. KUT engages audiences with in-depth reporting and provides many perspectives that other sources cannot. These attributes became the impetus for the visual identity, which utilizes layering and shifting viewpoints and angles.

A radio talk show host is shown in his studio through an open doorway framed with KUT typography and supporting images.
Dyal Branding & Graphics, A Page Company

Making a downtown where there was none

Mosaic is a 1.9 million square foot urban neighborhood in Fairfax County, Virginia with retail; residences; a boutique hotel; Class-A office space; two parks and additional open space for gatherings. Our team collaborated with Edens, the developer, from early stages of the project thru completion – our scope included overall visioning, identity development, wayfinding, placemaking elements, storefront design criteria and experiential graphics.

Image of shops in a large mixed-use district.
Dyal Branding & Graphics, A Page Company
Shoppers carry their purchases as they walk past stores.
Dyal Branding & Graphics, A Page Company

The overarching mission was to create a comprehensive design vocabulary that could extend seamlessly into all aspects of the project. To help create the desired organic – and authentic – urban environment, we created and branded distinct character districts within the development.

Open spaces such as this one with a water feature for users to relax and enjoy the outdoors is a key element of The Mosaic District.
Dyal Branding & Graphics, A Page Company

Authentic and true retail expression

Edens’ commitment to selecting suitable retailers has resulted in a rich tenant mix. We worked with individual brands to design specialty custom storefronts and retail presentation, and established design criteria to ensure quality architecture and aesthetic for future tenants. Effective tenant presentation helps establish a sense of place not just for the individual retailer but also for its neighbors and the whole district and experience.

Retail signs for different storefronts show how design criteria intends to create a pleasing collection.
Dyal Branding & Graphics, A Page Company
Dyal Branding & Graphics, A Page Company

An identity that reinforces its mission to the community

For over 50 years the mission of People’s Community Clinic has been to “improve the health of medically under-served and uninsured Central Texans by providing high quality, affordable healthcare.” People’s began as a free clinic in a church basement and has grown to provide care to thousands. When the non-profit built a new clinic and headquarters, they engaged our team to rebrand the organization in a way that would support their mission and help tell their story.

Signage on the People's Community Clinic and on the sidewalk
© Lars Frazer Photography

Speaking from the heart

In addition to developing a new visual identity for People’s Community Clinic, we created a messaging device whereby the word “community” could be switched out with a message, in either English or Spanish. This device offers an almost endless array of opportunities for simple, direct, mission-enforcing messaging.

Examples of People's Clinic branded collateral include letterheads, envelopes and business cards.
© Lars Frazer Photography

A new space for growing care and capacity

Our design team created a signage and wayfinding system, donor recognition pieces and specialty graphics for the new healthcare clinic, all of which help reinforce the organization’s brand, while enhancing the visitor and user experience. We collaborated closely with project architect Studio8 during the design phase.

Interior wayfinding signage is in both English and Spanish to better serve community needs.
© Lars Frazer Photography

The Mosaic District

  • American Planning Association Outstanding Neighborhood or Small Area Plan Award
  • International Council of Shopping Centers Gold Design and Gold Sustainable Design Award
  • Urban Land Institute (ULI) Washington DC Chapter Award, Excellence in Mixed-Use Development

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