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Never underestimate the power of design to transport readers

We capture and articulate our clients’ vision through effective and elegant solutions that communicate a compelling story. Our team offers a full range of print and collateral design services from publications, stationery systems, posters and marketing collateral. Several of our print projects, including posters and books, have been recognized in publications and awards.

Our work on higher academic publications is part of the process of visually articulating and communicating the objectives and culture of the institution. The orchestration of 2-dimensional design work includes typography, color, imagery, form, technology, paper selection and especially content. By defining a central theme for each publication, we create a visual identity for that edition that is apparent throughout.

First, we help define the nature of a project - its narrative, brand, character and uniqueness. This takes into consideration how a work will be experienced, whether tactile through paper and print, online or both. Design layout and images support the text but also stand on their own, resulting in an experience that each user interprets through the context of their own inner lens.


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Design that makes people think

Magazine cover with a map of the United States and the headline
© Page
  • Published annually by the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture Platform serves as a “platform” of research, practical and pedagogical thinking. Page designed the issue titled "Inhabiting the Americas" which focuses on Latin American architecture and sustainability efforts. Provocative designs reframe common perceptions, starting with the cover depicting the outline of the United States and a headline that says, "This is not America".

Center 17, 18 & 19

Page designed the 17th, 18th and 19th editions in a series published by the Center for American Architecture and Design. Each academic journal explores the edition’s theme through a series of essays supported by images. Center 18, titled Music in Architecture / Architecture in Music, employed Acta, the Dino dos Santos designed font. The strong use of black and white throughout subtly evokes the keys on a piano.

Magazine opened up to display both front and back covers.
© Page

100 Issues: Urban Design Then & Now

Three decades after co-founding CITE Magazine, published by the Rice (University) Design Alliance, Page’s Creative Director was asked to guest edit and design the 100th issue. It was decided to capture Houston, a city half the size of Rhode Island, in the “present tense” through a photo essay. At completion, Hurricane Harvey altered the landscape so a prominent “As we sent this to press” notation acknowledged the effect, creating an instant historical document.

A magazine spread is shown to reflect a graphic design studio's capability.
© Page
A magazine spread is shown to reflect a graphic design studio's capability.
© Page
A magazine spread is shown to reflect a graphic design studio's capability.
© Page

Center 17

  • Independent Publisher Book Awards, Bronze in National Architecture category
  • AIGA Texas Show Exhibit, 2nd Place Publications Category


  • Graphis Merit Award, Poster category

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