Creating a continuum of care


When understanding challenges and trends across the whole spectrum of healthcare delivery there are many commonalities among each specialty: access to information, continuum of care, workspaces for physicians, nurses & staff, and overall experience for patient, family and clinician. It is how the design of the environment responds to each group’s unique and individual needs. Page has worked with clients not only to address the design goals and objectives of their Cancer projects but also how these carry into all centers of excellence of the system for the continuum of care.

Once a disjointed patient experience, designers, planners, doctors, nurses and staff are aligning with a more sensitive response. Many patients found themselves logistically worn out from separate buildings / locations for treatment; now a concerted effort is being made for services to be consolidated easing the cancer care landscape for those already under stress and fatigue, and giving back control where possible.

Design Considerations:
Single Point of Care
Custom Exam Rooms
Innovative Technology
Simplified Wayfinding
Natural Elements
Motivation Wall
Multi-Purpose Space
Flexible / Adaptable
Hospitality Interiors
Community Engagement

Facts and Figures




molecular diagnostic tests with the potential to improve treatment were approved in 2015

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