Designing cost-effective solutions for projects of varying complexity

Mission critical control room with multiple monitor screens


Page Communications Systems Designers and Engineers have the experience and knowledge to provide our clients with the latest technology to suit their project needs. Our teams possess the top certifications from Building Industry Consulting Services International (BICSI) and Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association (AVIXA) which
are the gold standard for Communications Systems Designers. Working in collaboration with all the verticals Page supports, our teams design cost effective solutions to projects of varying complexity.

With the continued evolution of the Internet Protocol (IP) based products and solutions, Communications Systems scope continues to increase, and projects are more complex and collaborative. Communications infrastructure once limited to computer networks now provides interconnectivity of technology that spans the scope of the project including voice,
teleconferencing, security, lighting, digital signage, building automation etc. The increased demand for IP based systems has led to the need for experienced designers to be more involved in the scope of design throughout all phases of the project.

Page provides design and consulting services including Technology, Audiovisual and Electronic Security Systems. Page promotes and designs scalable systems which allow for expansion without replacing existing infrastructure, keeping capital investments and disruptions to a minimum.

Communications Systems Engineering Sector Experts

Steve Anderson

Senior Communications System Designer

David Weatherly

Senior Electrical Engineer