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Page’s history of public sector projects began in the early 1900s while designing courthouses across the state of Texas. Since that time, the firm has amassed an unparalleled heritage of public architecture that includes projects such as the Anniston Federal Courthouse, Anniston, Alabama; the Tomochichi Courthouse Annex in Savannah, Georgia; the U.S. District Courthouse, Alpine, Texas; the U.S. Federal Courthouse, Austin, Texas; and the U.S. Federal Courthouse, Plano, Texas. Through this experience, we are well-versed in GSA building standards.

Featured Clients

  • Anniston Federal Courthouse / Anniston, Alabama
  • Tomochichi Courthouse Annex / Savannah, Georgia
  • U.S. Federal Courthouse / Austin, Texas
  • U.S. Federal Courthouse / Plano, Texas
  • U.S. District Courthouse / Alpine, Texas
  • AOUSC Historic Austin Courthouse Assessment / Austin, Texas
  • AOUSC Workplace Strategies / Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas
  • AOUSC Wilmington Bankruptcy Court Design Intent (DID) Package / Wilmington, Delaware
  • AOUSC Thurgood Marshall Life Safety & Space Utilization Study / Washington, DC
  • AOUSC Phoenix Chambers Addition / Phoenix, Arizona
  • GSA Office Building / Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • GSA Regional Field Office / Houston, Texas
  • Travis County District Attorney’s Office Building / Austin, Texas
  • Harris County Jury Plaza / Houston, Texas
  • Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences / Houston, Texas
  • City of Buda Library, City Hall & Police Facility / Buda, Texas

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