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Semiconductor chip


The Page Process Engineering and Design team has the experience and knowledge to provide our clients with the latest technology and best practices that are specifically suited to each client’s project needs. Industrial clients in fast growing industries such as semiconductor and automotive manufacturing – among many others – have an urgent need for new and upgraded facilities that are easy to operate and maintain and that run at peak efficiency to minimize their environmental impact and cost of operation. Our team of engineers bring innovative solutions to the increased demand, evolving production and new technologies within the industrial markets.

Page Process Engineers provide design and consulting services including scope definition, system design, equipment selection, sequence of operation creation, schematic design and in-field commissioning support. Throughout this process, we consider design for maintenance principles, best practices, industry roadmap considerations, and perform
frequent checks against the customer’s specific use case.

Our Process Engineers collaborate with professionals among other Page disciplines as well outside consultants. With the ever-changing demand and landscape of the industrial market, we strive to tackle any and all new challenges our clients may face.

Process Engineering Sector Experts

Daniel Wilcox

Process Engineering Director

Stephen Masse

Managing Director - Phoenix