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Engineering students work on a robotics project.


Page is one of the nation’s leading specialized laboratory consulting design firms, with laboratory planners who program, plan and design over one million gross square feet of high-quality research space annually for the higher education sector. We have developed outstanding teaching spaces for multiple modes of instruction that include all class sizes, all seating arrangements and all pedagogical methods. Our spaces for teaching science include flexible spaces, like the Multi-Disciplinary Lab at Brown University, that supports both Biosciences and the School of Medicine.

Knowing that research spaces must be flexible to accommodate changing needs, funding demands and unique Principal Investigator requirements, Page has careful designs in flexibility with lighting, temperature, access controls, ventilation and monitoring on the front end of design that allows the program to grow as the project matures. We continue to push the boundaries of traditional labs and classrooms and are always seeking ways to expand what is possible in a room and extend the activity of the lab and classroom to the building and the larger university community.

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Featured Clients

  • Carnegie Institution of Washington at Johns Hopkins University Labs for Embryology research (Lab Planning)
  • Gallaudet University Multidisciplinary Science Lab Renovation
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology Brain & Cognitive Sciences Complex (Lab Planning)
  • The University of Texas at Arlington Science and Engineering Research Building
  • The University of Texas at Austin Health District Master Plan
  • The University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School Health Learning Building (Academic)
  • The University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School Health Discovery Building (Research)
  • The University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School Health Transformation Building (Medical)
  • The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing
  • The University of Texas at Dallas Brain Performance Institute
  • The University of Texas at Dallas Bioengineering & Science Building
  • University of Houston College of New Medicine
  • University of Houston Sugar Land College of Technology Building
  • University of Mass-Boston Integrated Science Center (including Center for Personalized Cancer Therapy) (Lab Planning)
  • University of Oklahoma Biomedical Gallogly Hall
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Derring Hall

STEM Learning / Research Environments Sector Experts

David McCullough

Senior Lab Planner

Verrick D. Walker

Senior Lab Planner

Michael Reilly

Project Architect

Alissa McFarland

Senior Lab Planner

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