Designing the bones and muscles of man-made structures


We are leaders in the field of design of mission critical facilities such as data centers and hospitals. Page designs facilities with resistance to progressive collapse and hardened against terrorist and other threats.

Page’s structural engineers have extensive experience designing projects of all types such as but not limited to laboratories, central plants, utility distribution infrastructure, petrochemical and in microchip manufacturing facilities designing everything from clean room ceiling supports to manufacturing tool pedestals and automated material handling system supports. We have the tools to analyze, investigate and design highly efficient structures of steel, concrete, masonry and wood.

The Structural Engineering team at Page designs structures which are conducive to the intended use with regard to load capacity and vibration performance while maintaining structural efficiently. Our focus is on the realization of the design intent whether that is of a purely functional nature or an architectural/iconic goal. We thrive on opportunities to solve complicated problems, such as achieving an increase in load capacity with minimal impact on economics and other building systems.

Structural Engineering Sector Experts

Brad Cheshire

Structural Engineering Director

Bob Stimson

Senior Structural Engineer