Engaging with brands online


A brand’s digital presence is often the touchpoint that is most engaged with, and ought to be a true reflection of the brand and its promise. The branding studio has a strong history of extending the brand work into various digital touch points for our clients. After establishing the brand and designing a visual identity we continue their story and orient visitors through web and digital wayfinding.

Featured Clients

  • Center for Preservation of Civil Rights Sites, The University of Pennsylvania / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Texas Society of Architects / Austin, Texas
  • The Ian L. McHarg Center / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • The Ruby Hotel / Round Rock, Texas
  • 600 West Fifth / Austin, Texas
  • Ardent Residential / Austin, Texas
  • Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin / Austin, Texas

Website and Digital Design Sector Experts

Carla Fraser

Branding & Graphics Director

Nico Galuban

Graphic Designer

Molly Morton

Brand Planner

Erin West

Senior Designer