Asset Repositioning

Awakening Sleeping Giants

Commercial buildings, 30 years old or more, are large, well-known and frequently iconic urban landmarks. They are now struggling to compete against newer more efficient buildings, changing technology, and shifting urban demographics. Page understands the complexities of repositioning significant urban commercial real estate properties to greatly increase public perception and desirability of these assets.

A Broad Perspective

Owners and facility managers of “sleeping giants” should have long-term business objectives and opportunities for a strong return on investment in aging portfolio properties with inherent value.

A firm with experience in repositioning will identify factors that could affect public and occupier perception as well as elements beyond the actual property that can be utilized to enhance value.

Key elements that make a repositioning team work include characteristics and interaction.

Repositioning Assets with Page

Page has extensive experience in renovations and rebranding through modernization, adaptation and revitalization of mixed-use and older assets. We have developed a robust set of ten distinct approaches to analyze aging assets that ensures we maximize their value potential.

Our design approach is always informed by an economical, practical perspective and is developed in close collaboration with owners, brokers, leasing and facility managers and contractors. Our common objective is achieving the right balance between cost and value, including conforming operating and energy costs with those of newer properties.

Through this shared process, we build consensus among all stakeholders to determine the best strategy to yield maximum return on your investment. Our design solutions are tailored to address your unique needs.

We also bring a wide scope of experience to our projects that include:
• Public realm planning and design
• Art consulting
• Environmental graphics
• Furniture services
• Asset data management

Leaders of Sustainable Design

Page does more than compare operating and energy costs of newer properties; we anticipate the levels against which sleeping giants will be competing tomorrow. As designers of the built environment, we have extensive experience with the ongoing consumption of resources both in initial project construction and throughout its lifespan.

Our green building professionals have guided projects through multiple LEED rating systems as well as through Green Globes, BREEAM and Estidama worldwide. Approximately one out of every four employees at Page is accredited in sustainable design. Additionally, we’re a member of the U.S. Green Building Council.

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