Go Mental: Brain Performance Institute

"Think of the new Brain Performance Institute as your brain on good design". That's the opening sentence of the PaperCity Magazine article about the new facility that will transform the way people think about brain health and treat related issues with programs for teens, veterans, executives, athletes and people with autism, Alzheimer's and PTSD.

The University of Texas at Dallas Center for BrainHealth’s Brain Performance Institute will open this spring in the Dallas Medical District. But Page Principal Hilary Bales who worked with lead designer and Page Senior Principal Larry Speck explains, "We intentionally didn't make it look like a health-care institution of any kind."

The layout of the 62,000 square foot building was inspired by the brain itself. The three-story elliptical central space pays homage to the oval shape of the brain. Its structural exterior sunshade of metal "fins" was inspired by the rhythmic pattern of an EEG strip. 

Says Bales, "I've learned so much about how the brain works, it will definitely make me rethink how I design projects in the future." This project is more than good design, it's design that makes lives better. 

To learn more about the brain and the Brain Performance Institute yourself, view the Rebecca Sherman article on page 45 in PaperCity Magazine by clicking here