Page Expands Strategic Consulting Practice Group Capabilities

Page identifies itself as a multidisciplinary design firm and its service value chain truly begins with its strategic consulting practice group. Their client-centered interactive planning process helps generate problem definitions and develop unique solutions that save time, resources and money. The group’s strategic skills have been likened to cross-trainers since they can be applied to a wide range of challenges from determining whether a client should expand or move, improve process efficiency or identify and resolve operational challenges. Although this practice group supports all market sectors and geographic locations, Page is pleased to announce that Allan Donnelly has joined this team through the San Francisco office.

Allan will serve as a strategic facilities planning consultant, expanding the office’s capabilities to serve West Coast clients in a variety of sectors on both pre-design and existing project optimization. He achieved a Bachelors of Architecture and practiced for several years before adjusting his career focus to leverage his analytical skills on integrated aspects of design, engineering, and business. Today, Allan is a proven resource for identifying and developing custom solutions to client challenges, counting project experience ranging from municipal water boards to K-12 public schools. 

Page works extensively in market sectors that rely heavily on strategic planning from academic to corporate and commercial to healthcare to science and technology. Regardless of the nature of the project, its strategic consultants can apply a data-driven approach to pre-design planning or problem-solving. They also collaborate extensively with project teams across the firm’s multiple offices in the US and abroad. Allan will support their efforts to expand this approach to additional project phases and opportunity types, and has already begun working with team members in other Page offices on this initiative. 

He is an avid proponent of using data to drive decision making and deliver value for clients through asset optimization, cost avoidance, reduction of operating expenses, and targeted investments. However, Allan also recognizes the importance of qualitative insight finding through deep engagement with stakeholders. This combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis is a manifestation of his background in design, engineering, and management.

Allan began his consulting career as a sustainability consultant for IBM and Biosphere2 on a project exploring opportunities to implement automated building management systems in a unique facility housing various indoor biomes, and since expanded his consulting expertise while working at MKThink, a boutique consulting firm in San Francisco. While there, Allan led a team that conducted an energy performance assessment for a newly completed facility at one of the busiest commercial international airports in the United States. The energy output significantly exceeded the net zero design objective but his team successfully identified opportunities for conservation that would reduce energy consumption by 24%.

Page welcomes him to its strategic consulting practice group and looks forward to expanding its facilities planning and consulting portfolio under his guidance.