Page Takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge To Next Level

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a cultural phenomenon that's spreading awareness of ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) across the country. People who are "challenged" have the option of having a bucket of ice dumped on them or writing a donation check to ALS Association. Page Senior Principal Mattia Flabiano had an ice bucket dumped on him not once, but twice, and then wrote a check!

Mattia and a friend accepted the ALS Ice Bucket challenge simultaneously. A third friend videotaped the effort but the video didn't record the first time - so they did it again! Mattia admits they donned T-shirts for the second effort to reduce the painful effect of ice on bare skin. Way to go, Mattia - Page is proud of you! Watch the video below (and yes, his cigar was doused!) Mattia is on the left in the blue cap. 


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Mattia Flabiano