The Essential Steps for Bringing a Facility Project to Market Quickly

An article by Page Principal Michael Mace acknowledges that the high-tech industry - a source of innovation, jobs, and rapid growth - must often bring new facilities online quickly.

Whether they are semiconductor plants or data centers, speed to market has become the watchword in the design and construction of high-tech operating facilities. High-tech firms which need a rapid response to their markets must look for facility designers and constructors who understand how to get the job done quickly and correctly. In his article, "The Essential Steps for Bringing a Facility Project to Market Quickly" in Area Development, Michael identifies three essential tactics to bring a project to market quickly:

1. Commitment to collaboration: Owner, architect, and contractor must make a conscious, clear commitment to working together as a single team.

2. Pre-design analysis: This analysis uncovers the requirements of the project, its timing, budget, and potential problems that may occur.

3. Flexible schedule: The collaborative team must develop a flexible schedule that allows for changes in the project during construction.

Contributed By

Michael J. Mace, AIA