UniversALL Design 2020: Promoting Universal Accessibility

In an effort to raise awareness about universal accessibility, Archer’s Challenge provides the opportunity to experience everyday activities in a wheelchair. Founded by Archer Hadley, the immersive experience aims to celebrate and promote accessibility in public spaces.

Archer created the program in Austin, TX, while he was a student in high school as part of an effort to raise money to install power doors, ramps and protective overhangs at entries throughout the campus. Students, teachers and administrators paid $20 to challenge friends, family and colleagues to navigate school grounds in a wheelchair. It was so successful, five additional Austin Independent School District campuses also joined Archer's Challenge and were renovated to become more ADA compliant with the use of automated doors.

Archer's Challenge is unique in its ability to foster empathy and create broader understanding about the obstacles many individuals face daily navigating our environments. Now a student at The University of Texas at Austin, Archer continues to promote universal accessibility organizing challenges across Austin.

The Page Foundation is pleased to welcome Archer to UniversALL Design 2020, an experiential symposium focused on building inclusive communities across all environments: physical, digital, social and attitudinal. The symposium will explore how to create empathetic and facilitative environments that work for individuals of all abilities. Archer's Challenge will be one of the experiential activities, and it is an experience many Pagers have appreciated in the past. 

“We want to show our support for accessibility initiatives benefiting everyone,” notes Chad Johnson Page Associate Principal and UniversALL Design 2020 organizer. Not too long ago, Chad spent three hours doing Archer's Challenge in the downtown Second Street District, where it will also occur during UniversALL Design 2020. "The Archer’s Challenge experience changed my perspective regarding the importance of human-centered design for people of all abilities," he says.

UniversALL Design 2020 is happening on March 30-31, 2020. to learn more and register, click here