Allan Donnelly

Allan Donnelly

Associate / Strategic Consultant


Allan could truthfully describe his career choice as a synthesis of design thinking and systems thinking. Although he received his BA in architecture and worked in the field for several years after graduation, he came to realize that he was interested not only the design of buildings but also the larger socio-technical systems of which buildings are just one part. In his role as a strategy consultant, Allan gets to work with architects, engineers, designers, and planners on developing highly valuable solutions to complex problems at the intersection of the built environment and the human condition.

Allan is a firm believer in the interrelatedness of all things, an idea that underpins the fields of both architecture and systems thinking. He credits his early career path in design with showing him that the built environment is inextricably connected to the human experience. With a desire to augment his creative and conceptual thinking abilities with greater technical rigor and real world application, he was motivated to seek a Master of Science in Engineering and Management from MIT which gave him insight and exposure to the world of business and system design. Now, Allan gets to combine and build off of his experiences in architecture, engineering, and management as he develops strategic solutions to a wide variety of challenges.

As a strategy consultant, he delivers value for clients through asset optimization, cost avoidance, reducing operating expenses, and targeting investments. He has applied these value propositions for clients in K-12 education systems, higher education institutions, municipalities, public agencies, and private corporations. Allan is an avid proponent of using data to drive decision making, but also recognizes the importance of qualitative insight finding through deep engagement with stakeholders. This combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis is the latest manifestation of his background in design, engineering, and management.