Ami Robinson

Ami Robinson RID, PMP

Associate / Project Manager


When Ami worked for a global energy company, she had the opportunity to collaborate on a tenant build-out project (and subsequent later expansion) in Malaysia. After planning the work virtually from Houston, she lived in Kuala Lumpur for eight weeks to finalize the design, coordinate with local suppliers, and manage construction. The experience made her realize that the easy part was the work itself; quickly learning the intricacies of a foreign country proved to be the real challenge.

Her professional experience is almost as diverse as her own life, having worked in a position where she filled the roles of planner, designer, drafter, project manager and construction administrator. Although that sounds lonely, she found the positive, which was a lot of “in the field” experience on job sites, interfacing directly with contractors and coordinating multiple disciplines. As a result, she gained a deeper understanding of how facilities are constructed both in terms of execution and sequence.