Andy Blackmore

Andy Blackmore

Architectural Designer


While Andy has always been very interested in architecture, it's actually a second career that grew from a desire to help address the climate crisis in a meaningful way. He previously worked with sea turtles, fought wildfires and helped advance climate research. While he is still very proud of those efforts, he found himself continually drawn to the power that architecture has to address issues at multiple scales.

Andy likes that building design gives importance to really big ideas, such as the need for reducing our carbon impact on the planet or how we use cities - and the smallest details like material touch and experience provide human comfort and delight; all with equal weight and necessity.

To him, a commitment to design that makes lives better means finding the right partners and creative solutions. He cites the Mundo Verde Public Charter School renovation as a really rewarding example of seeing the physical construction of ideas, which are made even more special because they're going to have a lasting impact on the school for years to come.

Andy brought his interest in design for climate change, fine carpentry, and appreciation of good music to Page from the US Department of State, Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations where he served as a design manager. He is also a lecturer at his alma mater Catholic University School of Architecture + Planning, educating minds on BIM and professional practice management.