Annelie Persson Call

Annelie Persson Call AIA, RIBA, LEED AP, CDT

Associate Principal


Annelie Persson Call’s compassion and curiosity give her an exceptionally optimistic perspective on the world and an enthusiastic approach to life that has brought her many wonderful experiences. She has taught sailing to disabled kids who typically spent their days strapped into a wheelchair. But Annelie showed them a kind of freedom of movement: how to glide across the water on a boat powered by just the wind. “That was one of the best things in life I have ever done. Not only did I get to share my passion about sailing but I was able to give these kids the opportunity to do something they never thought they could do,” she says. “I will never forget their excitement and the smiles on their faces!”

Years later, while traveling in Tanzania she had a fascinating encounter. “As a white female in one of Tanzania’s small villages I obviously stood out,” she recalls. “I would always carry my camera with me, taking pictures of what was to me a very exotic environment. I had been advised to be careful with my camera since the village had many inhabitants from the warrior Maasai culture. To be photographed would mean to them to lose their life and soul.” But the men usually worked outside the village as guards on nearby estates or at government buildings. However, one evening as she walked through the village with a local friend… “All of a sudden, on an empty narrow street, we were standing eye to eye with an extremely tall Maasai man.