Annie Ryan

Annie Ryan

Associate / Planner


In college, Annie Ryan had the kind of ‘ah-ha’ moment that many universities hope to provide their students – the defining experience that determines life paths. While studying abroad in Copenhagen, her urban design program exposed her first-hand to the incredibly humanizing effect that high-quality public realm design has on the soul of a city. Annie realized how meaningful investments in public infrastructure, like mass transit, bicycle lanes, and public plazas and parks, bring people from all walks of life together and benefit the entire city.

Today, she is deeply committed to place-based planning that creates more equitable scenarios for people to use and benefit from the places in which they live. Throughout the course of her professional and academic planning career, her work has centered on developing physical planning strategies that synthesize community members’ diverse visions into implementable and equitable actions. Whether designing multi-modal streetscapes for auto-oriented corridors or facilitating innovative visioning activities at multilingual community workshops, Annie strives for new outreach methods and design strategies that engage people historically left out of formal planning processes and improve their physical and economic access to the cities they live in.