Craig Petersen

Craig Petersen PE, ATD, LEED AP

Associate Principal / Senior Mechanical Engineer


When asked what he does for a living, Craig explains that his work as a mechanical engineer focuses on mission critical and data center facilities. Specifically, he designs the cooling systems that keep the servers, switches, routers, and storage units housed in these facilities from overheating. The form of these systems takes many shapes, but the end goal is the same – removing heat generated by the computer equipment and rejecting to the atmosphere in the most efficient way possible while ensuring their uptime.

The world is evermore dependent on these facilities. Whether their purpose is for people to access their email; for corporations to perform financial and other business transactions; for universities to perform research to improve life for all; or for the government to keep us safe by analyzing intelligence and getting real-time data to our soldiers on the ground. He has been fortunate to work in all of these types of facilities.