Duygu Yenerim

Duygu Yenerim PhD

Associate / BIM Manager


Born and raised in Ankara, Duygu Yenerim studied in architecture in Turkey, The Netherlands and Texas. This exposure to a broad variety of cultures increased her perspective and respect for different architecture styles. She has held teaching and research positions related to interior design and architecture both in Turkey and Texas.

During her academic years, her main focus was sustainability and Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology. While pursuing her PhD, Duygu explored the capabilities and benefits of utilizing BIM to aid low-income residents in building more sustainable and energy efficient homes.

She developed a toolkit to model and assess incremental changes and their impact on energy consumption over time in American colonias, which are poverty-stricken communities along both sides of the Texas-Mexico border. Additionally, she presented and published a variety of conference papers on the topic, including a World Building Conference in Finland.

Over the course of her professional career at Page, Duygu has worked on residential, healthcare, commercial and educational projects throughout the Americas. She continues to push the boundaries of architecture through the use of technology and serves as the Architecture BIM champion in the Page Houston office.