Irene Coe

Irene Coe

Business Development Director


A former professional golfer who hails from Orange County, California, Irene Coe knows the value of dedication and a strong work ethic. She also enjoys talking to people especially when they are like-minded golf enthusiasts. She is our Business Development Director in Dallas.

Irene attended the University of Southern California where she dedicated her time to her studies and the golf team. “I played on a full golf scholarship and we won the NCAA Championship my first year,” she says. Her talents were recognized shortly afterward when she was named the number one amateur golfer in the nation. Irene traveled the world with the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) for eight years. “I was incredibly blessed to have this opportunity to play on the professional tour and those experiences were probably the most memorable in my life,” she says, “especially since I met my husband out there!”

Irene eventually decided to leave the professional circuit and began representing companies at different corporate events as an independent contractor. Irene met many people working in the business development field across a variety of professions as she joined them at the tee. The work was interesting to her and she was good at it. Irene easily transitioned into her new profession, working as a business developer for electrical contractors as well as engineers. “Being a business development manager came naturally to me,” she says. “I love socializing and interacting with people. The opportunity to play golf with CEOs and company presidents was a great bonus.”