James M. Wright

James M. Wright FAIA, NCARB

Senior Principal


For more than 40 years, James Wright has built successful relationships with clients around the globe. In particular, his strong relationships with government clients has led to the design and construction of many important international projects in which security is a high priority, including work on over 20 embassy and consulate compounds for the U.S. Department of State, as well as many notable overseas projects for clients in the institutional and private sectors. Much of the growth of Page’s Washington, DC office is the result of James’s commitment to assembling well integrated, multi-disciplinary teams to undertake complex projects that incorporate the culture of their host country environment.

Since beginning his professional career, James has spent most of his time on assignments outside the U.S. Frequent travel can be arduous sometimes, but as James explains, his tenacity has its rewards. “I feel very privileged to have had this wealth of experiences, and I am far from being finished accumulating them,” James says. “Whether it is down the street or someplace requiring me to first consult an atlas, I have a passion for the practice of architecture in differing social, economic and geographic settings. This passion led to his involvement with the AIA International Practice Committee Advisory Group, which he chaired in 2014, as well as his appointment to the AIA International Region Board of Directors, a new region he helped found in 2012. James subsequently served as the International Region Vice President in 2014, rising to President in 2015.