Jason Wilkins

Jason Wilkins

Senior Associate / Senior Designer


While most people are either right or left-brain dominant, designer Jason Wilkins seems to have an evenly balanced approach to his work. The awards he’s won reflect his creativity, but he also has a defined philosophical approach to finding solutions to clients’ needs. A favorite quote of his by the late Massimo Vignelli summarizes Jason’s approach to design: "If you can design one thing, you can design anything."

Jason explains, “I find the most fun way to practice design is with a full tool set, and not just a hammer.” He is referring to the creativity it takes to be agile between disciplines—to move from graphic design, to branding, to designing for the physical environment. Collaboration is also integral to his perspective. He notes the quality of work is usually based on the quality of the connections made between ideas, and collaboration increases the likelihood of making quality connections.