Joshua A. Theodore

Joshua A. Theodore ACHE, EDAC



Josh Theodore’s approach to facilities planning and design is wholly responsive to the strategic needs of each project’s specific user and institutional owner or operator. He’s spent time on the owner’s side of the table, so he fully understands his client’s point of view. That experience instilled in Josh a sense of commitment to clients, which he believes permeates the culture of professionalism at Page.

“I believe this devotion to service has always been a differentiator for Page in the marketplace,” he says. “We are committed to ‘doing the right thing’ and performing to very high personal standards.” Josh credits a high school coach who taught him the importance of commitment to excellence. This experience prepared him to work for a firm whose leaders “recognize it takes a team to deliver a project, and our players consistently support each other.”

Josh’s expertise bridges many facets from high-level strategic advisory to detailed planning and design. He has a solid grasp of the shifting dynamics in the healthcare market, including reform directives, health facility operations, evidenced-based practice, design and construction. These traits allow Josh to quickly analyze and balance project scope, funding, and a system’s return on investment.

Josh has an extensive background in healthcare facilities planning and design that ranges from major medical centers to physician offices. For institutional and individual clients, he has led teams on a wide variety of projects in more than fifteen states and in the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. This includes directing and planning facility redevelopment projects for emerging market countries, academic medical centers, county hospitals, community hospitals, rural hospitals and ambulatory care centers.