Joy Glasier

Joy Glasier RLA, LEED AP

Associate / Senior Landscape Architect


In college, Joy Glasier took an environmental economics course that presented a situation in which two groups had differing ideas of what to do with a large area of forest; one wanted to conserve it, while the other had a good idea of how to use the area. As an environmentalist, Joy initially wanted to side with the former group, but found that both groups' ideas were valid and well-thought out. The experience made a huge impression on her and since then, Joy has learned that she takes great pleasure in finding balance and nuance in solutions to these types of complex and challenging issues.

She brings this open and inquisitive mindset to her wide range of project types and scales, which include new town design, urban redevelopment, campus master planning, transit-oriented development, and site-specific design for urban streets, plazas and parks. The nature of her work positions her to act on her deep interest in sustainable design and leverage her LEED professional accreditation.

Joy also opens up about her enjoyment of campus planning, which ensures the complex components of a higher education facility meets user needs such as the campus’ relationship to the greater city context and the creation of an environment that is sustainable, comfortable and supportive of teaching and learning. She cites the University of California Berkeley Global Campus Long Range Development Plan as one such example.