Karrar Osi

Karrar Osi Associate AIA, LEED AP

Technical Designer


Karrar believes the commonality of mankind is similar to the commonality of the built environment. He was born in Baghdad, educated in Beirut and now works in Houston. These global experiences created the foundation for Karrar’s understanding of commonalities across cultures and also created his appreciation for diversity.

One of his major sources of inspiration is visiting historical places, from the Ziggurat of Ur to the great pyramids of Egypt. Karrar explains, "I’m fascinated by the pure, tectonic forms of architecture", which elevate functional design to an art form, and cites Louis Kahn as his favorite architect.

Architecture is his passion and Karrar always seeks opportunities to help people through design. He deliberately chose to focus on healthcare design where he feels he can make the biggest difference in people's lives. His work is motivated by his personal challenge to continuously learn new things, and enjoy himself in the process. He likes to say, "Life is adventure, let’s keep exploring!”