Karyn Guerrero

Karyn Guerrero

Central Services / Brand Management Director


Karyn is an award-winning brand and reputation manager who joined Page after two decades with Fortune 500 companies. While she majored in communications in school, she studied art and architecture as well and saw the opportunity to finally combine the two at Page. She says what impresses her most about the firm is how it brings its international experience to bear on local projects, and can rattle off projects that have influenced improvements in how people live in the cities in which the firm operates.

Her strengths include identifying target audiences, marketing various products and services through different communication channels from TV to social media, and successfully growing brand share. She has successfully launched new products that were top sellers in their category within six months and has been part of brand launches in the past, but the effort at Page was her favorite.

“This went far beyond a change in look and feel – it was a thoughtful visual expression of an evolutionary milestone that included a flatter organization, expanded leadership with dedicated responsibilities designed to support growth, enhanced employee benefits and greater opportunity for staff to accept responsibility for the firm’s ultimate success.”