Mary Morissette

Mary Morissette FAIA, LEED AP



Mary Morissette knew she wanted to be an architect in early childhood. First, she drew houses while watching morning cartoons. Later, she would hold mirrors up to the floor plans of her father’s residential designs that he also built; she wanted to know what it would be like if the houses were mirrored from their actual positions. After hearing similar stories from numerous colleagues, Mary is convinced architects see the world from a different perspective. She explains, “Our brains function differently so I believe architects are uniquely qualified to be leaders in the built environment.”

Early in Mary’s career, this belief started her down a path of advocating for architects and the profession to the broader community. She notes that designers do a great job of talking among themselves, but not as great a job of educating clients or the public about the value that architects offer. Her election to the prestigious AIA College of Fellows was in part because of the ways in which she advocates for the profession. Mary has always been passionate about encouraging ongoing dialogues on on why design matters with clients, elected officials, business leaders, the general public and her own colleagues. She believes architecture is a way of life, not just a profession; architecture nourishes the human spirit.