Mete Sonmez

Mete Sonmez

Associate Principal / Design Director


Contrary to many architects who grew up knowing what they would do someday, Mete never even considered being one. He was certainly destined to be a scientist. After all, as a child he was fascinated with science, spending countless hours reading articles, books and basically whatever he could find during the pre-Internet era. Among them all, a twenty-four-volume encyclopedia about science and technology that his parents bought for his sixth birthday was definitely his favorite thing to read over and over again besides the books by Jules Verne, of course. For him, it was always fascinating to figure out how things worked, and more interestingly, formed and designed.

This curiosity was the fundamental drive for Mete when he did become an architect. He found the profession to be the ultimate puzzle where many different elements and trades come together in perfect harmony to create things and spaces. Mete fell in love with architecture as it offered him a unique realm with not only a hugely technical aspect but also an artistic one where he could finally fully enjoy and employ his design skills.

Today, Mete is an award-winning designer with extensive international experience on a variety of project types ranging from interior design to large scale projects. He has led or contributed to numerous projects in the US, Middle East and Asia throughout his 15-plus year career as an architect.