Micki Washington

Micki Washington RA, RID, IIDA, NCIDQ, LEED AP

Senior Associate / Senior Project Manager


Micki Washington uses her life experiences as inspiration for her work, which is reflected in her collaborative style and commitment to her clients and projects. She grew up in a very diverse environment in Maryland, and it taught her how to relate to various individuals and advance her abilities as a Page project manager.

Of working at Page, Micki says, “The collaboration process at Page has definitely enhanced each of us in our individual creativity and commitment to the projects we work on. When everyone is passionate about the project, the clients and the overall goal, we all come together with the same enthusiasm to create something greater than an individual idea”. She experienced the advantages of working as a team during one of her first assigned Page projects, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) Headquarters.

“ADNOC has been the one project I have worked on where it has been a complete integral process through the entire design process,” Micki explains. The 65-story building will house offices for multiple directorates in a flexible, open-plan configuration, and it will integrate movable walls, ceiling panels, lighting and HVAC systems. She elaborates, “From working with the design team on presentations and learning more about the overall project master plan on the project to working directly with the client on design intent has been an experience like no other.”