Citi North Texas Service Building

Las Colinas, TX

Project Description

Located in the Las Colinas section of Irving, the 130,000-square-foot Citi North Texas Service Building, which has achieved LEED certification, was designed to consolidate Citi commercial, automotive and mortgage groups into a single building to leverage the synergies these groups share and to streamline processes. The building’s flexible arrangement of spaces and movable furniture and workstations allow the occupants to reconfigure the interior spaces with minimal to no waste in the future. A minimal amount of interior partitions afford occupants exterior views from almost every space within the building. Even the file and storage rooms have windows, minimizing the need for artificial light. Low level furniture, perimeter aisles and a light color palette all encourage a natural and collaborative work environment.

Locally recycled materials are prevalent throughout the building starting with the exterior skin. The building exterior envelope consists of concrete wall panels with punched windows with high performance vision and spandrel glazing in clear anodized aluminum frames. Public entrances are articulated with silver metal wall panels to break up the building mass and enhance wayfinding for visitors. All of the rooftop mechanical equipment is screened to blend with the building facade and to minimize sound transmissions to the surrounding commercial and residential neighbors. The HVAC systems and power and lighting systems are all engineered to the actual usage of each space within the building, thus reducing unnecessary energy demand on the infrastructure. The landscape incorporates native plants that are drought tolerant and require less water to survive during long, hot summers in Texas. Rainwater is monitored on site to reduce the impact to adjacent developments and downstream neighbors.